One Sentence Conquered!

It was down to One Sentence. And after waiting, and waiting, and busying myself with all kinds of Other Academic Tasks that are not necessarily related to obtaining a degree, I mastered that sentence. Or at least came up with a sentence that Advisor approved. Now, the Prospectus is en route to the Grad School (by way of the Grad Coordinator Assistant in the School of Music)!

Just in case my last post on this whole process didn’t convince you, I revised the Prospectus. A lot. Here’s a small sample of some (but not all) of the different versions of the prospectus:

As the Prospectus is in transit, apparently, I, too, am moving… into the “writing” stage. To be clear, I have no idea about all that and what it really means. But for now, I shall be glad that one more item is checked off the Trying to Get a PhD list. Rejoice amain!

Happy Friday, y’all!


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