Who’s playing?

This post could be titled “Could you please speak up?” since we had a little incident in the second service that involved our room seeing video of the pastor speaking from the Other Room, but not actually hearing him. It made for a fairly exciting thirty or forty seconds in both booths, with me saying out loud, “We can’t hear him, what’s going on?” repeatedly, and the guys in the other booth working desperately to get the attention of Senior Pastor on stage. As it turned out, Senior Pastor had not turned on his microphone, and once this was addressed, all was well. It was quite appropriate, however, since the title of his sermon was “Hearing the Voice of God.”

The title of this post, instead, refers to a five-minute stretch later in the service. Following the sermon, each room was to sing a song led by their respective worship leaders. Once the sermon ended, Worship Pastor was at the piano and began to play. I also heard acoustic guitar, and knowing no one else was on stage, I thought “Who’s that playing the guitar?!”

And then I realized I hadn’t muted the sound from the Other Room, and we were hearing Other Room Worship Leader playing his acoustic guitar. Thankfully, oh thankfully, they were both playing in the same key and were on the same chord, and I noticed it fairly quickly. Then, less than three minutes later, I decided to start the post-service music (played from my laptop), so it would be ready to pull up at the conclusion of the service. This was a great idea, except that I had unplugged the output to listen to something else at one point during the service. So, as Worship Pastor was wrapping up the last song, the post-service music song began to play, not muted on the board as I had thought, but out loud from my laptop speakers. This caused several folks near the booth to look around to see where random music was coming from. Naturally, I ducked and hid under the sound board.

Really, it would probably do you well to not sit near the booth on Sunday mornings…


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