Guitar Slide Wednesday: As Heard on Country Radio Version, Take 2

A few weeks ago, I was quite unprepared for Guitar Slide Wednesday and happened to hear a song on the radio that was a perfect fit. I don’t regularly listen to country radio because the musical style (and sometimes lyrical content) isn’t quite what I want from the music that I listen to for leisure. Although many who dislike mainstream country dismiss it on principle, citing its lack of “authenticity,” etc., I think this is a conflation of opinions about musical style, nostalgia, and ideology, even though I’ve been known to express my displeasure with “mainstream country” in similar ways… Such a discussion is also a book-length project just waiting to be written. Nevertheless, today’s song comes straight off the country radio charts.

When I heard this song, I immediately noticed and appreciated the guitar slide that opened the song. I don’t know much about this artist, but apparently, he’s quite popular right now. Jason Aldean is a country singer from Macon, Georgia, and seems to frequently reference the Peach State in his songs, as demonstrated by the song featured here today. The lyrics also makes continual references to “old Hank” and Lynard Skynard. “Authenticity” concerns addressed!

In this video, the slide at the beginning of the song is around 0:30. Upon further listening, there are a few other slidey moments, including in the chorus coming out of the guitar solo at 2:37, and also at 3:00, just when you think the song is finished. The song actually ends with an extensive guitar solo.



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