I’ve mentioned that in order to begin two rooms at the same time, we start our services based on a countdown. That is, when the countdown gets to 0:00, we begin, and in “my” room, our team walks on the stage around 1:00. Many, many weeks I have found myself sprinting, nay, running about our property, knowing that the time was under two minutes. Of course, there was that one time when I didn’t make it in time, and uh, everyone was waiting on me…

But yesterday was not one of those days. Yesterday, as the timer dipped below one minute, I saw a musicians from the “other” room, chatting with friends. I watched from afar thinking, “WHY ARE YOU IN HERE?!?” (possibly yelling those words into the headset), while also thinking of ways I could communicate the time to him. However, it was much more entertaining to see him glance at the screen, realize the time, and take off in a sprint out the door.


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