Guitar Slide Wednesday: Controversial Church Version

I ran across today’s song/video for Guitar Slide Wednesday while searching for songs to put on some of the playlists we use at the church. I have mentioned before that I generally keep up with new releases in praise and worship/contemporary Christian music as a professional matter, and also that this style of music is not always my primary aesthetic preference. However, much of it does, in fact, speak to me.

Elevation Worship is HIP. I have yet to visit their church, so I don’t know how their hip-ness relates to the church overall. However, based on any and all media that I’ve seen associated with the church and the music, I think it’s safe to say that they’re all WAY hipper than me. Or you, for that matter.

Depending on how one gauges such things, it is clear that the church has been amazingly successful. However, the church is not without controversy (of varying degrees. I considered putting “controversial” in quotes in the title of this post). The pastor has been criticized for his theology. In fact, when I googled his name, “heretic” was the first suggested search term–seriously:

Further, he has run afoul of some of the reformed community, not to mention the church’s publicity about this unfortunate event.

While many would criticize this church as heretical and liberal, it has its supporters and defenders. I’m sure there are also numerous others who criticize them for being too conservative. Nevertheless, I like what Elevation Worship does, and regardless of your views on hip-ness and super high-quality production in church and worship, their song featured here today rocks.

So enough with all the links, controversy, and what not, let’s get to why we’re here! The song is called “Exalted One” and is on the latest Elevation Worship album For the Honor (2011). It has a great bass line that regularly slides around. You can hear it in the intro, but it’s really clear at the end of the chorus (2:09 or so, and several times later). If the bass slides don’t do it for you, then there’s some electric effects and sliding at the end of the last chorus leading into the instrumental outro around 4:19.

Apparently this week, you can get this song for FREE here!


2 thoughts on “Guitar Slide Wednesday: Controversial Church Version

    • Since I haven’t visited there, I can’t say for sure… but I’m guessing if I were to visit, I’d feel considerably un-hip! But I really do like the music they put out, so I might would try to deal with the hip-ness for the sake of the music!

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