My birthday was this weekend. Although I feel some amount of abstract anxiety over the number of my current age, in reality, I had a fantastic weekend of birthday celebration and fun. I ate great food and got to spend time with wonderful people!

And considering this is technically the post-Sunday post, things at church were great! From the perspective of the booth, there was nothing out of the ordinary. We had some really nice, smooth transitions, and nothing took longer than it was supposed to.

Ever the perfectionist, I didn’t record the sermon the way that I wanted (even though it worked out fine in the end), and one time when I was turning off the sound on my headset, I accidentally muted the speaker for .5 seconds instead. Otherwise, I’ll take a day like yesterday any Sunday.

So, after this wonderful weekend of fun and celebration, this morning was quite difficult (only in a completely exaggerated “first world pain” sense), and it’s why this post is happening way later than I intended. I guess you could say I had a case of the Mondays… or maybe it’s just a Birthday Hangover.


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