Um, what’s going on?

In a meeting last week, I told Worship Pastor that one thing out of the ordinary on a Sunday morning had the possibility of making things really stressful for me. If you know me in the analog world, then this might seem kind of strange. I think I’m a fairly laid back and flexible sort of person most of the time, and certainly, one thing outside of the norm generally doesn’t (nor should it) phase me.

Yesterday, there wasn’t exactly anything out of the ordinary, but it wasn’t exactly a completely normal day. And there were two things that happened that likely went unnoticed by the majority of folks in attendance, but were quite stressful for a small group of people.

As we’re a “baptist” church, we baptize folks by immersion, and when we do this during our regular services, it’s sent via live video to the other room. Although our welcome is usually done via video, the pastor coming into the baptistry adds a component of possible mayhem, as there’s no way to really communicate directly when to come out.* So as that room finished their song, Senior Pastor came down into the water and began to speak. This is what was supposed to happen, except that we had done a poor job of syncing the song, and in the other room we were still singing and couldn’t go to the live video. So Worship Leader in that room had to basically stop Senior Pastor and tell him to wait.

Although all of us on the headset were freaking out, and likely the worship team in the other room felt a bit awkward on stage, in our room, it was a super smooth transition, and no one had any idea that something had gone awry.

The other incident was possibly even more subtle, and likely noticed by no one in attendance. To end the service, Worship Pastor began the closing song on the piano. When the keys came in, it was clearly wrong (to me, it really wasn’t all that loud nor was it noticeable). But when Bass Player came in, it was loud and kinda noticeable (again, to me. And maybe to a handful of folks).

I didn’t think much of it, but when the song and service ended, I knew something was up, because the entire band was on stage circling up around Worship Pastor. As is their wont, they made their way back to the booth and I found out that Worship Pastor started the song in a different key than was rehearsed when he began the song, and each member of the band discovered the discrepancy on their own, by entering in the wrong key a half step away. This is one of those moments when absolute pitch would certainly have been of benefit.

What an adventure, to do the same thing every week!

*Please don’t judge my research skills based on the fact that I linked to wikipedia not once, but twice in this post.


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