Guitar Slide Wednesday: Old(ish) School P&W Version

This past Sunday, our worship set was full of fabulous, kinda “oldies”–not oldies like “A Mighty Fortress” or even “Amazing Grace,” but praise and worship kinda oldies. I say “kinda,” because save for a few gems, the shelf-life of a typical praise and worship song is quite short. There are obviously several exceptions (cf. “How Great Is Our God,” “Shout to the Lord,” and “Blessed Be Your Name,” for example), but for the most part, just like pop songs, praise and worship songs are a hit… and then they’re gone (only to be brought up in service planning meetings when no one can think of that ONE song that would be a perfect opener/closer/hook for the next sermon series).

In any event, our set this past Sunday included “You’ll Come” (2008), “All Creatures” (David Crowder version, 2003; the original German hymn tune dates back to the 17th century), and we even ended with the aforementioned “Blessed Be Your Name.” We also did the song featured below, “Salvation Is Here” (2005).*

This song features the very rare bass guitar solo, but more importantly for our purposes here today, it opens with a bass slide. I confess, I’ve never really noticed it much because of that super-catchy electric guitar hook, but it’s there right around 0:04 and continues to accompany the electric guitar hook a few times throughout the introduction. My favorite part of this song is the drum chorus coming out of the bridge, and when the band comes back in, the electric slides in around 3:32.

Enjoy this “oldie!”

*Please don’t be too alarmed. We also did a brand new Gateway/Kari Jobe song in this set, “My Everything” (2011).


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