I feel crazy today. Crazier than usual, at least. Perhaps it’s because I didn’t do a ton of work this weekend and now it’s Monday. Or simply because I’m out of practice when it comes to doing work (cf. Christmas break). Or it might be that this is the 90th post here and it’s supposed to be CRAZY, yo. Or uh, maybe it’s because the Next Big PhD Hoop to Jump Through appears this Friday (more on that later).

It’s also possible the crazy is residual from yesterday. At one point prior to the beginning of the 9:30 service, I looked at the countdown timer and it read 28 minutes and change, and I thought, “Sweet! Plenty of time to take care of [insert long list of Stuff].” Of course, I was wrong. It wasn’t plenty of time at all.

At 1:40 and counting, I was running (unfortunately, literally) to put something on the stage and running back to the booth as we were under 30 seconds, and I still had not gotten to a couple of things that didn’t need to get done, but that I wanted to get done. If I thought we were rusty last week, yesterday felt a bit like a foot race leading up to 0:00.

Next week. Next week will be the not-rusty, not-crazy, just another week of Doing the Same Thing. Except that beginning next Sunday, we’re starting up something new for the entire church. One of these days 🙂

In the mean time, in order to feel a little less crazy, here’s Patsy Cline singing the song:


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