Academic Limbo

This post title does not refer to a type of dance requiring flexibility performed by professors and scholars. Instead, I refer to my current academic status. I have Written the Prospectus, sent it to my committee with Advisor’s blessing (OK, perhaps blessing might be too strong, let’s go with approval), and now await the Prospectus Defense (or the Prospectus Presentation).

Since I sent the Prospectus to my committee before Christmas, I took a real break over the holidays–I really did very little, if anything, related to my academic work. Now that School Has Started Back, but the presentation isn’t until the end of next week, I feel as though I should be Doing Important Academic Things related to my project, but there’s really not anything to do until I hear from my committee at the presentation.

And so, here I am in academic limbo, waiting; feeling unsettled because I’m sure I should be Doing Something, but also feeling quite anxious because the next thing to do is to start Writing the Dissertation.

I have a phone meeting with Advisor this afternoon to discuss The Presentation. Perhaps, as is her wont, she shall shower me with tasks and such, and limbo will feel a little limbo-ey. If not, I suppose there’s always the next Hunger Games book.


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