Guitar Slide Wednesday: Up All Night Version

In an effort to up with a New Year’s Resolution and my preference for reading whilst horizontal, I purchased a Kindle Touch, which arrived yesterday. After scouring all of the “free book” options and adding a few, I made the leap and started purchasing books (the complete works of Dostoyesky for cheap was the gateway purchase). And then, College Pastor loaned me the first Hunger Games book. If you’re familiar, then you know that I started reading and didn’t really stop. Even though I’m a night owl, I stayed up very late with this book. I’m 3/4 through it and cannot wait to finish… and I suppose get on to the next book. So today’s post is late and going to be short and sweet.

In honor of all of all that I just wrote in the previous paragraph, today’s song for Guitar Slide Wednesday is “Up All Night” by hair metal band, Slaughter. Due to the fact that some of the women in this video need to put on more clothes, I’d recommend listening to and not watching this video.

The song opens with an odd ethereal keyboard/synth thing and some a capella singing, but at 0:24 or so, two guitar slides kick off the song. Another notable slide happens around 1:34 leading into the second verse. There are other slides throughout the song and something should probably be said about the use of the “Star-Spangled Banner,” but I need to get back to Hunger Games 🙂



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