House…er, Blogkeeping

I’m cheating a little here on the post-Sunday post. Yesterday, we were back to two rooms. Overall, I thought things went well, especially considering it’s been four weeks since we’ve had two rooms.

Youth Pastor spoke and his media needs definitely kept us on our toes, Nevertheless, it’s the first of seventeen or so Sundays, wherein we’ll do the same thing… and the post-Sunday post will tell you all about them 🙂 But today, I’m using this space to do a little blogkeeping.

I’ve posted 86 times here at my little blog. I started out posting nearly everyday, and then recently switched to two or three posts a week. As I bid farewell to vacation (sniff, sniff), I think I’m going to stick to three posts a week–the Post-Sunday Post, Guitar Slide Wednesday, and something on Thursday or Friday. Perhaps it will be more than that as I begin to write the dissertation, but for now, that’s what I’m planning.

I like the month of January a lot (and not just because my birthday is this month). It always seems like an optimistic month and it’s always nice to get back in the swing of things after the holidays. And this year, there’s the added bonus of a Prospectus Defense. I’m still not entirely sure what’s supposed to happen at that, but thankfully, Advisor has already contacted me about meeting to discuss just that.

2012, bring it on!


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