Guitar Slide Wednesday: Serendipitous Version

I must confess that Wednesday has sneaked up on me (holidays and what not, I suppose), and I was completely unprepared for Guitar Slide Wednesday today. While driving in my car this afternoon, I switched to a country radio station (this is rare since I generally only listen to NPR or sports radio). I heard the instrumental solo of this song and realized that it was a fine candidate for Guitar Slide Wednesday. Knowing nothing of the song or the singer, I “Shazam‘ed it, and thus we have David Nail’s “Let it Rain.”

The song actually features many guitar slides throughout in what I interpret as word painting (or text painting). This is a compositional technique in which the music reflects the literal meaning of the text (again, here is that great vetted source wikipedia to provide other examples; I much enjoy their example from Messiah juxtaposed with Garth Brooks). Here the slides of ascending to descending pitch, you guessed, it represent falling rain.

You’ll hear the first slide at 0:38 when the lead guitar enters, and then again around 1:54 at a similar place in the second verse. Guitar slide mayhem reigns (HA. A pun!) around 2:30 or so into the instrumental solo. When the band builds back in on the final chorus, there’s yet another series of slides around 2:52.



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