What were you doing New Year’s Day?

I was a little surprised by how many people were at church yesterday. We only had one service in one room, and there had been a lot of speculation about the attendance at this service as we planned for the day. Last year, the first Sunday of the year was a huge day for us, and (I think) we had one service in two rooms. However, the argument for this year was that since it was January 1 and public school doesn’t start until Tuesday or Wednesday, it wouldn’t be quite as highly attended.

I was thinking we’d have around 300 folks attend… but I was wrong. The room was full and I’m guessing we had around 500 folks in the room, not to mention the 50 or so that showed up for the non-existent 11:00 a.m. service. The numbers mattered more yesterday because we had communion (not a weekly event in most baptist churches), which requires a good guess for planning purposes–especially since we use “shot glasses and chiclets,” in the words of College Pastor.

In any event, although I’ve found it kind of odd with the holidays on the weekend this year (and last), it was nice to spend the day with my church family…and then lazing around and enjoying the end of vacation.

Here’s to a fab 2012, y’all!


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