Guitar Slide Wednesday: Karaoke-inspired version

The Coolest Person I Know and her pals have instituted a tradition of Boxing Day Karaoke. This year was the third annual event, and I was lucky enough to be a part of the first one, too. The song book at this particular karaoke location was incredibly extensive and, dare I say, comprehensive. In light of this, I decided to branch out and try a recent song. And today’s Guitar Slide Wednesday is just that song–“Only Prettier” by Miranda Lambert.

The video for this song is cute and features Miranda and some of her country singer friends pulling double duty (here’s a link for a little more information about the video). The most notable guitar slide happens going into the second verse around 1:28, and unlike most guitar slides, this one is ascending in pitch and is taken over by what sounds like someone yelling (this happens at the beginning of the first verse, too, sans guitar slide).



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