I apologize in advance for any typos or misspelled words today–I’m typing this post on my phone whilst waiting to board an airplane. If you haven’t been keeping up with the blog, I’ve been at the airport several times of late (including one rather extended stay). Adding to my US tour of big cities, I’m heading to NYC to hang out with a dear friend for a couple of days.

But aside from my travels, yesterday was the last day of two rooms at church for several weeks. Not counting a minor power loss that shut down our stage lights (it’s ok, we could still see Bass Player who was actually Worship Leader/Acoustic Player), it was a fairly low-stress day in the booth. Youth Pastor stopped in for a while in the first service (his first visit, maybe?), and College Pastor made his requisite (though brief) appearance in the second service.

And if a fun Sunday morning wasn’t enough, we ended the day with Christmas caroling and spreading Christmas cheer in a few neighborhoods around the church. All in all, a fabulous day! Merry, merry!


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