Guitar Slide Wednesday: Dwight Yoakam version

This past Saturday was a full, fun, long, tiring, exciting day. Pennsylvania Scholar and I left our little college town and headed to the big city to see a college football game (a pretty important one, at that). But seeing as how I’m from the great state of Kentucky, I had to watch a college basketball game first! (I promise we’re getting to the guitar slides soon.) We found our way to a Taco Mac and due to the crowds, ended up watching the entire basketball game while we waited for a table (Go Cats!). The football game was exciting, then took a turn for the worse. Nevertheless, we were there, and I’m glad we had the chance to go.

At the completion of the football game, we headed to Super Sketchy Music Venue and saw the ever fabulous Dwight Yoakam. Believe it or not, according to wikipedia, the man is 55! The show was great, despite the atrocious sound of Super Sketchy Music Venue. While I admit that Worship Pastor’s exceptionally high standards for sound quality (and pretty much everything, actually) have spoiled me, there’s really no excuse for such poor sound when you charge upwards of $50 a ticket for a show. Sigh.

Regardless, Dwight was fantastic and I’d love to see him again in a better venue. If you haven’t seen him perform live, the man can move (as you can see in the video), and it’s kind of amazing that he can move so well in jeans so tight. This is one of my favorites songs, and while it doesn’t have any huge obvious guitar slides, it’s got a couple of guitar solos that are lots of fun.



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