Sunday shenanigans!

I’ve mentioned that sometimes things get rowdy in the booth, particularly in the second service. Yesterday, College Pastor stopped by during our welcome (which was a bit longer than usual), and the folks on the headset were in rare form… add in a few comments to the team on stage (I can talk to them through their in-ear moniters) while they have to stand there and look serious, and things were fun and funny, and possibly a bit distracting to those around us (my apologies).

Beyond the booth, Bass Player chose an inopportune moment to walk off the stage in the first service, while the rest of the team just stood there and let him go… Upon correcting the exit time in the second service, when the team was supposed to come back out at the end, they set him up and sent him out early… and all alone. We can do awkward really well at my church!

We only have one more week of “doing the same thing” then we’ve got a few weeks that will likely be quite different, due to Christmas and New Year’s falling on a Sunday.

Stay tuned for some Dwight Yoakam on Wednesday and much Christmas music to come in the weeks ahead!


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