Georgia, Kentucky, Georgia… Chicago!

A bunch of things running through my head that certainly exceed 140 characters and seems excessive for one lone post on facebook… so a random Saturday night post it is!

Kentucky finally, FINALLY, beat Tennessee in football today. After only twenty-six years. And it only took a wide receiver playing QB to do it! As I began the day in Kentucky, I had planned to leave for Georgia after the first quarter. This was a silly plan, because that’s never happened before ever, and everyone knew deep down that I would leave at halftime. What we didn’t know is that Kentucky would Actually Beat Tennessee! Hooray!

I love Kentucky: the state, the school and its sports teams (no, I didn’t attend), and all that it means and symbolizes in my life (family, friends, Home, etc.). I love Athens: the cute, little college town, the University of Georgia (one degree and counting), the life I have here, and all of my friends and people here. I love being in Kentucky. I love being in Athens. Yet again, the time-space continuum proves to be problematic for me.

After not being at church last Sunday, I’m incredibly excited to be back there tomorrow. Of course, on Monday, I’m heading to Chicago for a very quick trip for a very exciting show. I also fell in love with Chicago this summer (cf. previous paragraph), but considering my aversion to temperatures below 65°, well, we’ll just see where we are come Tuesday.

For so very many reasons, I’m thankful beyond belief. And even though it’s officially over… Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!


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