Guitar Slide Wednesday: Old 97’s version

Rhett Miller has a new album that came out yesterday. I haven’t purchased it yet, but I most certainly will purchase it very soon. This reminded me that although I pre-ordered the Old 97’s Grand Theatre, Vol. 2, I still haven’t spent much time listening to it. However, there is one particular song on that album, “The Actor,” that would be great for Guitar Slide Wednesday, but there’s no video that I can post for it. Here’s the Spotify link: Old 97’s – The Actor, but of course, that’s not exactly the way we do things around here for GSW. So, I’m posting another Old 97’s song that isn’t quite as fitting for Guitar Slide Wednesday. There is a guitar slide in this song, maybe a couple, but it’s not much compared to the previously mentioned song…

The video is a funny little story, and the song’s most prominent guitar slide is at the beginning of the song at 1:04.*

*The highlight of this video is easily the ever-dreamy Mr. Miller and his trademark windmill guitar strumming at 3:33 or so….


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