Reduce, Re-use, Revise…

I saw Advisor quite a bit at the conference I attended last week, but we only met one official time to go over whatever draft I’m on of the prospectus. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a ton of time and were kind of rushed. Nonetheless, there are still plenty of things that  I need to re-write, rearrange, and/or add.

I’m not exactly sure what Advisor thinks about where we are, but I get the sense that maybe, just maybe, I’m close (and yes, I know I’ve said that before, but close is pretty much by definition relative, so, um, maybe I should say closer?). I think it’s likely (not guaranteed, of course) that I could present an almost final version of the prospectus to my committee before Christmas break (which appears to be speeding at us all head on). Advisor will be back in town the first full week of December, and I’m hoping to send her the Next Revision by the end of this week. That way, she can respond (hopefully) and I can tweak again, then we can discuss the next version in person.

I’m down to some (serious) organization and clarity things, with only one chunk of significant text left to add–a pretty important one, actually. Up until now, I haven’t actually said what I’m going to do with the music. This is ironic in that one of the major complaints I (ALWAYS) have about research on (and even some country music work) is that they never Talk About the Music. However, at this point, I’m considering lovely phrases such as, “Although the music is certainly important in studying this music scene, such an inquiry is beyond the scope of this work,” or “This study of a musical scene considers issues beyond sonic concerns and instead looks at more important issues, such as identity and representation.” But somehow, I’m guessing Advisor won’t go for that… on with the writing!


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