Guitar Slide Wednesday: More Jack White

I promise I’ll stop blogging about Jack White… after this post. Maybe. Seeing the Raconteurs live and seeing him play his guitar, well, pretty much every solo he played could have landed here on Guitar Slide Wednesday.

Since I posted a couple of Raconteurs videos the other day, here’s the kinda creepy video of the song “Portland, Oregon” by Loretta Lynn and Jack White from Van Lear Rose that I mentioned yesterday. I think it’s creepy in the sense that the narrative take of the video implies a sexual relationship between the two protagonists, i.e., Jack & Loretta (not that I’m blaming the rather old Loretta–that Jack is one fine, talented man).

A couple of things about this song… One clue that this isn’t your typical Loretta Lynn song is that there’s a fantastic minute and a half intro (around one-third of the song). Also, I think it’s interesting that when they sing together, they sing unison and not parts. And as a fellow musicology student brought to my attention, the production of the vocals gives Loretta and Jack a strangely similar vocal quality and sound.

But, of course, we’re here for the guitar slides, and my favorite is the slow pedal steel slide at the beginning of the third verse (around 2:40 or so). Enjoy!


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