Happiness! Fun! Rejoicing!

Reasons for happiness, fun, and rejoicing:

  • I just emailed a real, live, complete draft of the prospectus to Advisor (it included chapter projections!). We’ll call this version the Rough Draft and see what happens.
  • I have two friends from college coming to visit me this weekend. I think they’re awesome and I can’t wait to spend time with them. They are driving this way, even as I type. Safe travels, friends!
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL IS HERE! Kentucky plays their first regular season game tonight (even if there is a little bad news)!

Rejoice amain!

And since Former Tennis Instructor & Roommate/Guitar Player/Soon-to-be Therapist is hanging out with me today, she very smartly suggested I post a song by the Raconteurs since I’m seeing them on Sunday.

I love this video. It’s not exactly the Raconteurs, but it’s one of their best songs re-worked as a bluegrass-y tune.

Here’s the original, just in case you missed that version. And we just realized there’s a fabulous guitar slide in this song (around 2:54). I’ve never noticed it before, but now it just makes this song that much more awesome. Seriously, happy Friday, y’all!


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