Why should YOU care?!?

About my silly little research project, that is.

I sent the Less Rough and Complete But Still Pretty Rough Draft to Advisor last week, and due to some scheduling troubles, we ended up having our “weekly” phone meeting on Saturday (after the game, of course). She had good things to say and seemed pretty pleased (and told me I should feel good about where we are). Of course, she also gave me a big bucket of stuff to do, including adding things, rearranging some chunks, revising a section or two, and actually figuring out what I hope that the magical prospectus fairy decides think my chapters will be.

In the category of Big Picture, something Advisor mentioned to me, and something that several other Smart Doctoral Types have told me as I continue to write the Prospectus is to consider the following: Why would people (in the context of academia) who DON’T care about Bloodshot and/or alt.country want to read your dissertation? That is, beyond topical interest in my work, what relevance does it have to broader concerns in music scholarship?

Right now, my answer is pretty much, um, well, they just should… uh, it’s really cool… and uh, most work on record labels is boring… But this question of academic relevance is something that I hope will become clearer as my thoughts and ideas about this (proposed) project become clearer. In the mean time, well, you should be REALLY interested in this project, uh, just because. And it is, you know, really, really cool. And stuff.


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