V is for visitors…

After a couple of weeks of not exactly doing the same thing on Sundays, today we were back to normal(-ish). We’ve gotten exponentially better at planning our services recently, such that any “surprise” that popped up yesterday was actually due to technology failure (rather than a communication-between-real-live-humans failure). Despite a few extra things, the day went well from my perspective.

I’ve mentioned the booth here many times and how we have visitors and how it’s a fun place to be, but version 3.0 (or so) of the booth doesn’t facilitate general Hanging Out in the same way previous versions of the booth did. However, yesterday College Pastor AND Lead Guitar (where’s Little Drummer Boy been?) stopped by during the second service, and Lovely Computer Person descended from above (the booth has an upstairs) to hang out a bit too!

One visitor I was NOT expecting was Siri. Yes, THAT Siri. To avoid incriminating anyone, I’ll just say that someone gave her a command and she promptly replied… out loud, right in the middle of Senior Pastor’s sermon. She’s a welcome guest, really, and being distracting isn’t such a new thing in the booth. But we should probably teach her to use an inside voice during the sermon…


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