A different view

Yesterday, I got to stand up in front of my church and talk about music history for a few minutes. College Pastor was speaking on Martin Luther, Reformation theology and the gospel, and I gave a little background about Luther’s role in church music history during our “welcome” time.* To top it all off, Worship Pastor gave me a fun and exciting introduction.

Considering that I normally reside in the back of the room in the sound booth, it was fun to see everyone from the exact opposite view (and a little higher up, since our stage is about three feet tall). It was a nice opportunity to get to merge two of my Things (musicology and church) and since most people at church don’t know about my academic endeavors, I think they were surprised to see me (and see me speaking to the large group).

This version of public speaking was a little more difficult than I thought it would be. When lecturing for a class, there are usually forty-five or fifty minutes to fill and (hopefully) it also incorporates an interactive component. Yesterday, considering Worship Pastor and I are quite concerned with how long things last in the service, I wanted to keep my talk to right around five minutes. I was a little surprised at how difficult it was to find the right mix of information and relevance, AND to stay within the time.

I was also pleasantly surprised that folks seemed genuinely interested in what I had to say. Go MUSICOLOGY!

*A woman was speaking on stage and the sermon dealt with the Reformation. Would you believe that this is a Southern baptist church?


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