A day off… sort of

You get a gold star if you know where this pic was taken...

This Sunday, I sort of have the day off at church for no reason (other than the kind and beneficent rule of Worship Pastor). In about a month, I will also have the day off at church because I will be attending an Exciting Academic Conference in Philadelphia (you’re excited about ethnomusicology, aren’t you?).

Counting the Sunday I will miss at Christmas, I will have missed a total of six Sundays this calendar year. SIX! For most people, that might not seem like a big deal (or maybe it does) and/or you think it’s quite strange that I can easily calculate the number of Sundays I haven’t been at my church. For me, I think it’s kind of unacceptable. I’m guessing that for the past couple of years, I have missed (at most) two Sundays a year (Christmas and maybe a spring break Sunday). Yes, it’s my job, but also, I just don’t like missing church. Sundays are church days, plus I love my church family and my church community, and when I miss a Sunday, it’s just feels weird.

However, I’m not sure I remember how to attend church, especially my church. This Sunday, I won’t be in the booth at all (except to hang out; wonder what it’ll be like to be in the booth as a visitor? Do I tweet a photo of myself? Or I wonder if I can stay away…). So, if you see me wandering around looking confused next week, just tell me sit down. And then maybe kindly remind me to do some reading and writing… Advisor requested a draft of the prospectus for next week. Hooray?


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