Academic long distance relationship

I’m currently in a long distance relationship… with Advisor. Considering that I am easily distracted by other Important Things going on in my life and am a self-proclaimed Professional Procrastinator, this isn’t really an ideal situation.

I have found myself going longer than 48 hours without having thought of my prospectus very much at all, and in general progressing at what seems like a snail’s pace in this whole process.

However, last evening (thanks to an impending deadline) I spent a considerable amount of time thinking and writing about my project… and I’m beginning to think that I actually have something. I’m not quite as far along as I’d like (of course, I have only myself to blame/thank for that, although I feel like blaming the long distance thing is within the realm of possibility, but I could very much follow in the hard-working lead of fellow prospectus writing friends), but I’m still in striking distance. We’re shooting for a solid (yet malleable) draft by the Exciting Academic Conference, when I shall be re-united face to face with Advisor.

So, I’m thankful and thankfully not completely sad and dejected, and even cautiously optimistic. However, if you see me, please remind me to think about my project and maybe you could gently suggest that I continue to do work on said project…


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