Some days are better than others…

And Tuesday of this week was one of those better days.

I had my first ever experience with skype on Tuesday… unless you count that one time that Fabulous Chicago Actor was skyping with friends and I happened to be walking in and out of the room while they talked. Anyway, I got to speak with a Country Music Scholar about my project. This scholar appears to be one of the hardest working scholarly-types that I know and his insights were useful and encouraging. We had a great conversation, and he was incredibly kind to talk to me about my project and give me some feedback.

He also threw out some ideas of how the project could center around Bloodshot Records but also still address some of the¬†seemingly random things I’m interested in related to Bloodshot (Chicago country music history, compilation albums, scenes, and genre formation, etc.). And he made a really novel, revolutionary suggestion that I need a strong, wonderful thesis, around which all these Seemingly Random Things can hover and have meaning.

I also spoke with someone who was related to the Atlanta/Redneck Underground scene. We only spoke briefly over the phone, but he was incredibly nice and helpful. In just our brief conversation, he made some connections between Atlanta and Bloodshot and suggested a few other Athens folks for me to talk to. I’m not sure if Atlanta/RU and/or anyone from Athens will be a part of my project (likely not), nor if I’m really supposed to be pursuing it right now. But these nice people just keep popping up who are willing to talk about It wouldn’t be very nice of me to ignore them, now would it?


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