I have a ridiculous not-really-a-problem problem. And it’s so absurd and privilege based that I had to use the tag in the title… So here it is:

I have a lovely 13-inch MacBook Pro. It was the machine that I purchased to be with me through the entire dissertation thing. It’s cute, relatively light to carry around, and really all that I need in a computer and more.

As a part of that whole end-of-the-fiscal-year spending frenzy that happens at the University, the director in the program I work for bought new laptops. So now, I also have a University barcoded15-inch MacBook Pro. Go ahead and start/keep rolling your eyes. I know.

The new laptop is running Lion (it came with it), and my laptop is running Snow Leopard for one reason and one reason only: iCal. I HATE iCal in Lion. I really need to see the entire month+next month when I’m looking at my week in view. I have a poorly developed sense of time in general and really, I like being able to see the month… Yes, yes, poor me.

I’m a big fan of Apple, but I can’t believe that it’s taken this long to get my to-do items to show up somewhere on my iPhone. So, I’m thrilled to see the Reminders app that came out with iOS 5.

But here’s my not-so-problem-y problem: with iOS 5 and iCloud, if I choose to backup my phone using iCloud (and I’d like to), I need Lion on my laptop. Which brings me back around to the stupid iCal thing. Of course, several folks have suggested that I sell my laptop and use the school one for as long as I can, which would force me to deal with Lion iCal.

I know, I know, there are also other calendar solutions, and I could use the gmail calendar. But I don’t want to. I want the Snow Leopard version of iCal. And I want to use iCloud.



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