Guitar Slide Wednesday: the Patsy Cline version

It’s really amazing what time can do… In the case of the artist featured in today’s post, time moved her from a threat to a legend. Patsy Cline was associated with the Nashville Sound, often described as the pop-ization of country music, and generally considered a Bad Thing for country music. However, with time, and since her untimely death, she has gained considerable cultural capital in both country and pop music lore.

I first encountered the song in the video below in the movie Coal Miner’s Daughter. In the film, Loretta sings this song in one of her first public appearances. In the version below, the intros feature lovely guitar-slide goodness. I pretty much love all parts of this song, especially the lead guitar. And, as I am wont to say, this song speaks to me.

As a postscript, I think it’s funny that in the lyrics of this song, the protagonist at one point indicates cheating and lying, and yet at another time indicates that she “lost him some way.”


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