Wanted: more ideas… or at least more words

I am not a verbose writer (I thought about ending the post there. funny, huh? oh, no? OK). I think I’ve also mentioned that I often feel as though I might have nothing to add to or say about a topic. This is currently an unfortunate combination (and perhaps something I should have considered prior to starting this whole PhD thing, eh?). I’m also not a very fast writer. Based upon the copious amounts of (reading and) writing that I’ve done for this degree, I know that I can write one double-spaced page of decent prose in approximately forty-five minutes (with citations, of course; as a point of unnecessary information here, I can also read dense, academic texts at a rate of approximately two minutes a page).

I’m supposed to be writing multiple drafts of stuff for the Prospectus… basically coming up with different directions and themes for the dissertation project, based upon the information that I currently have or have read. Advisor may have thrown out the number four in regard to pages, the number thirty in regard to minutes to compose said pages, and five or so for the number of times to replicate this activity with new writing each time. So far it hasn’t exactly happened that way, and I’m a little worried that I’m using up some important words as I type that I might need later.

Not enough words, not too many… which reminds me of this scene from the movie Amadeus, wherein the emperor informs the composer that his music has too many notes:


2 thoughts on “Wanted: more ideas… or at least more words

  1. Oh, NPR. Don’t feel badly. I am currently reading a text that destabilizes and questions literally all preceding “Black music” studies… and interrogates the notion of Blackness, period, as a legitimate category for any sort of intellectual or analytical enterprise (not a new interrogation, really, across the humanities, but certainly the most widespread and devastating critique of the trope of “Blackness” as it has been used in musicological inquiry). Awesome! My current plan is to retract my SEM paper (along with recanting all my prior research), change my name so that nobody associates me with intellectually dishonest projects, move to an island, and open a coffeeshop. Wanna come?

    • Wait a minute, aren’t you already planning to change your name?!? See what I did there? 🙂

      That’s great. Pretty soon, someone will come along and deconstruct all notion of genre, categorization, and distinction, and put us ALL out of work… Regardless, I’m up for the island and coffeeshop thing.

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