An uneventful Sunday makes for an uneventful post-Sunday post

As much as I have complained about how difficult some Sundays can be, I am immensely thankful for Sundays like yesterday. Yesterday was a day that seemed as though I (and our team) actually knew what was going on.

I’ve mentioned that we generally do the Same Thing every week, but on a weekly basis, it hardly seems like it. However, yesterday, regarding production, there were no unusual things, no extra segments, no special videos, just the Normal Stuff. And when that type of day rolls around, I notice and am glad.

So here are three slightly random thoughts/reflections from the day:

1. I was wearing a dressy dress with pockets. As long as the weather cooperates, I like to wear skirts or dresses all the time. A skirt or dress with pockets is an added bonus. A dress-up skirt or dress with pockets? Kinda like unicorns, but gosh, they’re great when they come around.

2. Cue judgment now. I realize that the joy of the Lord or the amazing mercies of God that are new each day or any number of amazing blessings should easily be enough to get me out of bed. But I’m depraved (and I’m not a morning person, which seems less significant compared to that T). So there are some Sunday mornings when I hear the alarm and shortly thereafter I think of the Sunday Afternoon Nap as I drag myself out of bed. Yesterday morning, I didn’t think of the Sunday Afternoon Nap until I pulled into the parking lot at church. Yeah, go ahead and keep judging.

3. Last but not least, I was going to make a comment about how I thought Worship Pastor was on his A Game yesterday and sounded fantastic, but then I realized that I couldn’t really comment on that without perhaps (but not necessarily) implying that there are some days when I might assess that he was NOT on his A Game and sounded crappy. Obviously, I would not want that sort of implication here at the blog. So nevermind about that.

That’s all. Happy Monday!


4 thoughts on “An uneventful Sunday makes for an uneventful post-Sunday post

  1. I loved your dress yesterday. It’s too bad that you are up in the booth so much of the time, since you so often look stunning.

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