Not a day of rest for Scott Hanson?

Because I’m committed to watching Kentucky Basketball (Go CATS!), I pay for the sports tier with my cable. As such, I have the channel NFL Redzone. While it’s a little strange that one tv station would only have something on it one day a week, I find this one day quite compelling.* Seriously, I can’t stop watching it, and I’m not even that big of an NFL fan (nor do I have a fantasy team). Of course, I guess that’s the point–it’s NFL football, the Great Exciting Parts Version.

But after watching NFL Redzone for even a short amount of time during the busy part of the afternoon, I have a great appreciation for the host, Scott Hanson. The website for the channel uses the verb “whips” in describing the coverage of these games, and the verb is apt. As some games are shown for less than the amount of time it takes for the kicker to put the ball through the uprights, it’s on to the next highlight (which is sometimes a little crazy and discombobulating), and at times with two or three games on the screen at one time… and our friend (I’ve decided he’s Our Friend now) Scott, guides us along, telling us quickly what game we’re heading to and what’s going on, and even at times who is calling that game.

I’m sure Scott has a great production team and great support staff who do all of the really hard work, but I’d like to take a moment and say that I hope Scott gets a great Monday Afternoon Nap most weeks.

*I’m assuming that the channel doesn’t broadcast anything during the week, but I haven’t actually checked… I have seen that there’s nothing there except the logo on a Sunday at the conclusion of the afternoon games, however.


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