Post-Sunday post

The post-Sunday post is usually a reflection on what happened on the previous day. Yesterday we had a whole lot going on that involved lots of things lining up between the rooms and speakers speaking at different times in the service. And but for a few slight glitches (including me not being in the booth when the timer hit 0:00 in one service), all was well. We also celebrated the ten year anniversary of College Pastor (#vicday).

Nevertheless, I remain amazed at how different doing the Same Thing every week can be.

But because my weekend was full and crazy, I’m not waxing poetic or reflecting much on any of that (a Taylor Swift post is sure to come this week…).

So this is all you get.* Come back tomorrow and there will be a list of some sort.

*This reminds me of a Peggy Lee song that could qualify as sort of a Sad Song, but one I have always considered a Depressing Song.

**Disclaimer: The worldview and approach to life as presented in the song/video below does not align with those of the author of the blog.


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