Did you think I was going to say a bad word?

I realize that this week’s post-Sunday post title might have implied something that I did not intend it to imply. By mentioning the word “woman” in the context of the church, you might have thought the post was going to be a critique/comment/reflection on the seemingly endless war, er, debate, regarding the role of women in church. Or maybe you know that I have attained a Graduate Certificate in Women’s Studies, and thought I was going to mention that crazy, un-Southern Baptist bad word, “feminist.”

But I didn’t. And you probably weren’t thinking that, were you? But when I saw the automated tweet that went out announcing the post stating the title, the first thing I thought about was gender (possibilities such as the “woman in the booth” is already paid no heed, either literally or symbolically, or the fact that there is a “woman in the booth” is alarming and out of place in a church setting, etc.). But again, that’s probably just me. And of course, when naming the post, I was thinking of a Wizard of Oz reference, but I did think twice about using “woman.” As someone whose has been trained to critique and analyze “texts” of all sorts (thank you SO much literary and cultural studies), it sort of just comes with the territory.

In any event, all is well. Despite appearances, this past Monday was not the day for a feminist, egalitarian, women-in-the-church commentary 🙂


2 thoughts on “Did you think I was going to say a bad word?

  1. My stream of consciousness when I saw the tweet that announced your “woman in the booth” post = “Man, I love the wizard of oz. Hmm, I wonder what it would have ‘meant’ if L. Frank Baum had made the wizard a woman. Only the witches were women. Are wizards inherently male? Why? Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer surely would not have made the movie wizard a woman. That studio was notoriously misogynist and abusive to its actresses. Of course, they also put aluminum powder in the tin man’s makeup, and that’s pretty abusive, too…”

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