Pay no attention to the woman in the booth…

Once the service starts on Sundays, it’s a bit of multi-tasking for me. Actually, research has shown that people don’t multi-task very well at all, and those who say they do are lying to themselves (I suppose I should put quotes around research, as I have no intention of truly substantiating this claim, after all, this is a blog, not a research paper. But maybe you can trust me, I don’t have a PhD, but I’m working on one. I digress.).

Instead of actually working on multiple tasks simultaneously, “multi-tasking” is more a matter of switching quickly between these multiple tasks, and really, that’s what I’m doing on Sundays (OK, here’s a link to a bit of pop science to sort of support my claims).

In any event, once the service begins, there are several things to keep up with, and at certain points, when Things Are Happening, I’m not paying much attention to those Things, but rather the Things About to Happen. And when I’m thinking of Things About to Happen, I’m talking to the computer peeps in both rooms about these next Things. I may forget that there are Important Things Happening, and sometimes the talking (and even laughing–those computer people are funny. Actually, we’re all pretty funny in the booth) is a bit too loud. In fact, if you to sit next to the booth, you might know this.

Have you ever been sitting in the service, listening to the welcome/video/announcements and heard someone mumbling, laughing, counting down or just talking out loud? You look around (discreetly, not judmentally, of course) and can’t see the culprit. Well, if you were sitting near the booth, then I confess. It was likely me, hiding behind the board, chatting away.

For example, yesterday we played a video of College Pastor in the service (he couldn’t be there, so we had to settle for a simulacrum, which wasn’t the same at all, even though the message was conveyed). During this video in both services, I was talking to the computer people in both rooms, making sure we all knew what was happening after the video.

If the band is playing, this too-loud talking isn’t that big of a deal. But say, during a video, or the announcements, or even the sermon, well, it might be a little more obvious. So, to the people sitting near the booth, pay no attention to the talking woman hiding behind the sound board.


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