The Serpent

The trip down to Tallahassee last weekend was fun, but quick and tiring. It was also quite productive. I learned that one of my colleagues might know a little something about everything related to south Georgia (it was like having our own personal Tour Guide!), and that another is preparing for an academic future on an island.

Beyond these exciting aspects, it was also great to get more feedback on my paper, and I had the opportunity to speak with some different students/profs about my prospectus. I received several great suggestions and at least a couple of different leads and perspectives on some things related to issues that I’ve discussed with the Grand Master of Discourse.

As if that wasn’t enough, there was also a musical instrument petting zoo. The pics below show a sampling of the school’s impressive collection of Renaissance instruments (we had intended to check out the world music instruments, too, but ran out of time). The most striking of all of these (not counting the ear-piercing, fire-alarm-like shawm) was easily the serpent (betcha didn’t see where the tile of this post was going).

Brass Renaissance instruments, including the serpent

Woodwind Renaissance instruments

Renaissance harpsichord


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