Skip to the end… Man and wife, say MAN AND WIFE!

If you know that movie reference, it’s from the wedding scene in the Princess Bride, most famous for the priest who says, “Maw-wage, maw-wage is wot bwings us togeder tooday” (see below to enjoy the hilarity). In suffering through the writing of the (very, very) Very Rough Draft, I kept thinking how nice it would be to skip to the end, or at least skip to the point.

But then I sort of got there. I typed, “This project will,” and stayed there for quite a long time. And I thought of that scene in the movie. Then I made this weird connection: the prospectus is a commitment (a quite vague one, currently). One of the things Advisor has told me in regard to the prospectus is that it is a declaration of intent. The only other place I’ve seen those three words strung together is on a wedding program.

As I have “completed” (please note the usage of ironic quotes here) the exceptionally rough and vague Very Rough Draft (that is also a solid page and a half shorter than I think Advisor intended, I’m again faced with the reality that I’m usually a pretty succinct writer), I realize that lots of folks languish here in this academic space. And I very much understand why. Nevertheless, completing the prospectus is a step, and a sort of contract with Advisor, my committee and myself, acknowledging that I intend to carry this thing out to the “comma PhD” end.

Yikes. It appears that in this post I used the metaphor of a wedding to describe me and my prospectus. If this were a tweet, I would most certainly use the following hashtag: #notsurehowIfeelaboutthat


One thought on “Skip to the end… Man and wife, say MAN AND WIFE!

  1. So, if we are going with this marriage metaphor…
    – Will you need attendants/bridesmaids at your prospectus defense?
    – Will I need to wear an ugly bridesmaid dress?
    – Will there be a unity candle? Will someone read from 1 Corinthians 13?
    – Is your Advisor the officiant?
    – Are the other committee members…the “other” officiants? the flower girls? the ring bearers?
    – Will there be attractive men who are “unattached” (who have not yet written a prospectus) also attending this defense? : )

    Of course, I would attend your prospectus defense and wear an ugly dress, because I am your biggest fan.

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