Guitar Slide Wednesday: Chicago Version!

Two weekly musical offerings in Chicago are reason enough to live in that fabulous city (excluding any consideration of weather): The Hoyle Brothers at the Empty Bottle every Friday and Robbie Fulks at the Hideout most every Monday. We’ll spend some time with the Hoyles today… and direct our guitar sliding attention toward the pedal steel.

This song by The Hoyle Brothers was an immediate favorite the first time I heard it: “A Shot of Bourbon” = classic honky-tonk country! Below is a video of a live version (but I think the version on their CD is better).

I’m also excited about Guitar Slide Sunday at church this week (on word from Lead Guitar). Just sayin’.


3 thoughts on “Guitar Slide Wednesday: Chicago Version!

    • This band is amazing. Despite their geographical position in the Midwest where clearly authentic country music would NOT reside, this band is amazing – WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT! 🙂

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