What had happened was…

I had scheduled this nice little post to go up this morning at 11:30… something about writing and the prospectus and whatever. But it didn’t post and now I feel like posting something else. So I am and here it is.

I’m working on the Very Rough Draft. And there are all kinds of crazy things happening inside my head. And these crazy things have gotten more active and lively in the past 48 hours as I have been actively working and writing. Cognitively, I can understand some of the crazy things, while practically, understanding them doesn’t really help me actually write the thing.

Much of the crazy-in-my-head stuff is logical (I’ve never done this before, I’m still unclear as to how much data I have and will need, what is a reasonable research question/object for this kind of project, etc.), while some of it is absurd. I mean seriously, my life doesn’t depend on this, it will necessarily suck, and this whole thing will change multiple times and drastically.

So why not get on with it? Oh right, that’s what I”m supposed to be doing.


2 thoughts on “What had happened was…

  1. Amen. Amen. Amen.
    Three funny/interesting thoughts on this brain-racking process:
    1. My Advisor told me last night, when I asked her to tell me some things that she wanted in my (eventual) prospectus, that “a dissertation prospectus is like giving a movie pitch to a random stranger in a hot tub.” Words of wisdom from a wonderful woman who WILL eventually read YOUR prospectus!
    2. When I want to figure out what to say about my research, I go hike/walk/run/wander in the botanical gardens, and I talk (out loud!) to myself/God/the trees about my research and my life and my future. Then, when I think of something coherent, I whip out my phone and make a voice note about it (quickly, before I forget the coherent thought!). Of course, you can’t wander in the woods at night (your prime working time), but if you get a spare moment during the day, you might try this wandering-while-brainstorming method. šŸ™‚
    3. I believe in you! You can do this!

  2. Hannah! You are awesome. I wish I knew you. Quote #1 is amazing and accurate. I too use the voice-memo method of capturing random quasi-brilliant thoughts as they streak, ephemeral, fleeting, in the nude through the quad of my mind.

    I believe in you too, NPR! I am excited. Be! Aggressive! Be! Be! Aggressive!

    P.S.~~ is there a book exchange this year? I really want to draw your name. I already bought the book.

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