Painfully rough…

I have been tasked to produce a Very Rough Draft of the not-yet-written parts of the prospectus (these parts are the ones that would actually describe my project). I knew this was coming and had sort of set my own personal goal of doing this “soon” (with procrastination built in), but when Advisor gave a fairly firm deadline, in our last phone meeting, well, I was glad we were on the phone and not face-to-face.

As I mentioned previously, I have written chunks of text about my project, and I’ve joked numerous times that I completely made that stuff up… but I guess that’s the point. I’m supposed to make this stuff up – this is my project. Now I just need to make more stuff up and hope it fills a solid 8-10 pages and resembles something that makes sense for this Very Rough Draft.

As a proponent of writing-to-learn, I’m certain that putting these thoughts and ideas into words will help me figure out what my thoughts and ideas actually are, but more likely will also reveal the parts that I still need to work out. However, right now I’m focusing on a lit review for another project and the conference paper for this weekend, which means I’m contemplating the prospectus in the background (aka procrastinating) and will resume panicking later this week.


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