from this point of view... a nifty view of Chicago from a blue line stop this summer

On a typical Sunday in the fall at my church, we have four total services — two at 9:30 and two at 11:00. There is live music in each room and the pastor speaks in one room with live video of him sent to the other room. Our services are pretty standard: four or five songs, a welcome, syncing the rooms together, a sermon, offering/song, announcements. Yet, with these predictable pieces each and every week, it’s really remarkable how crazy a Sunday can be.

If you’ve ever been on church staff or had family members/close friends on staff, you probably know exactly what I’m talking about. Similarly, if you’ve ever been involved in production of any staged events, you also likely have an inkling of what I’m talking about.

Yesterday was one of those days for me. I was mostly running around between each room, there was some confusion amongst the different folks who were supposed to be doing things, and a bit of uncertainty about songs and order. We start on a countdown, so both rooms will begin at the same time. As the timer was falling inevitably toward 0:00, I hadn’t “settled down” in the booth, and really felt like I had no idea what was going on (oh, and that’s one of my things on Sundays – I’m supposed to kind of have an idea of what’s going on).

But despite some (in my hyperbolic opinion) near disastrous occurrences, as we sang “With a cry of praise, my heart will proclaim, “You are good” / In the Sun or rain, my life celebrates, You are good,” I was reminded that I believe that to be true. My theology accounts for busy, stressful mornings.

And then, later in the afternoon (post-Sunday Afternoon Nap!), I received two vastly different bits of good news of varying degrees of import: A dear friend reported exciting relationship news, and my Very Tall Nephew reported that he dunked on a regulation goal with a regulation ball for the first time (something we’ve wanted for him all summer).

God is, indeed, good.


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