On the road again…

Student football tickets at the University of Georgia are allocated based on past credit hours taken. Since I have been in school for approximately 400 years, and since I completed a Masters degree at UGA back in the stone age, I’m guessing I was pretty high on the getting-student-football-tickets list this year. As such, a fellow Musicology PhD candidate and I will drive to Atlanta this afternoon to cheer on the Dogs in person. It’s Saturday in Athens, er, Atlanta!

But in less than a week I’ll be going a bit farther away. I’m going to Tallahassee, FL, for a conference (one that I helped to create, by the way). Later this semester, I’ll be heading to Philadelphia, PA, for the annual meeting of the Society for Ethnomusicology. I’ve spoken with a friend about trying to re-create our NYC Christmas trip in December. AND the regional meeting of the Southeast-Caribbean chapter of the SEM next spring is scheduled for the Dominican Republic (as the student rep, I’m technically required to attend! however, the meeting of IASPM-US is also in NYC around the same time, and Advisor is pretty big on me going that one). Not to mention, the Society for American Music meeting to be held in Charlotte, NC, in March.

I was completely oblivious to the way things work for professional academics and professional students when I started this degree (what seems like 800 years ago), and took a long time to understand the great importance of academic conferences! Not only is it important for “networking,” it’s generally interesting to see the direction of research in the field and get a sense of what other folks are doing and feel either encouraged and/or completely dismayed in comparison.

I love to travel, and generally am inclined to fall in love with places I visit. It also helps that I have friends involved in most, if not all, of these trips for oodles of fun times and to offset cost.

But really, for the month of September, all I can think about is Chicago… namely Robbie Fulks and the Hoyle Brothers on Labor Day at The Hideout, Bloodshot’s 15th/17th anniversary party also at The Hideout on September 9, and The Hideout’s 15th annual block party on September 24.

I also have prior engagements (not in Chicago) on each of those days. Darn you, responsibility, finances and time/space continuum.


2 thoughts on “On the road again…

    • Can we start working on an edited collection that tackles these tough meta-physical issues (or just complains about them)? I’d like to think there’s room in the discourse for the views of two ethno/musicologists.

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