Housekeeping… or what to expect around here

Since I’m new to the blog thing (as a writer, not new as a reader of blogs), I’m trying to figure out some sort of posting schedule. As it is, I just noticed (and consequently figured out) the date/time thing under “publish” in WordPress.

Taking into consideration the fact that I’m a night owl, my deep need for procrastinating, and my general writing habits, all of these blog posts will certainly be written after 10 p.m. with the hope of posting something around noon or 1 p.m. daily or nearly daily.

I’m guessing Mondays will usually be church-y in the wake of Sundays, and thanks to a brief conversation with Lead Guitar, I decided to make guitar slides (broadly defined) the feature of every Wednesday post. OK, maybe that’s a bit ambitious, but I’m optimistic about the power of those slides. Seriously.

Thanks for stoping by. Happy Friday!


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