Reuse, recycle…

I’m under orders to start putting together chunks of my prospectus. I’m supposed to send Advisor *something* in written form each Wednesday night for the next few weeks. It doesn’t have to be a complete draft yet, just… something.

I have three different musicology/ethnomusicology prospectuses (prospecti?) and a draft of another, all of which have proven to be quite useful. However, each person’s document is organized in a completely different way. What they have in common, though, is that they each have some sort of an intro and provide background information/context, describe the overall project, explain chapters, and have some sort of a lit review.

Today, I began sorting through some of the stuff I started writing last semester, and other descriptions and summaries from grant applications, IRB, etc. I cobbled together a few pages of vague introduction, along with about fifteen pages of verbose literature review. And the next step will be to try and make sense of these Frankenstein sections. For better or worse, I sent Advisor about 10 pages of lit review last night/early this morning.

As I was putting these pages together, I realized that some of these chunks of text were written over a year ago, maybe two, for a seminar paper. Obviously (and thankfully), they’ve been revised and revised and re-worked and revised some more, but the bulk of the text has been reused and recycled a great deal.

I am certain that I originally wrote most of that stuff at 4 a.m., and I absolutely had no idea how much mileage I’d get out of that text when I wrote it!


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