The booth… where everybody knows your name?

Upon meeting someone new at church recently, this person asked, “So what do you do around here?” It’s a perfectly reasonable question (and one that I had basically just asked him), but in response to the question asked of me, I laughed (out loud, even), as did a couple of folks who were around us.

What was so funny? I think it was funny because I have done a vast array of things in my tenure at the church. I was hired a decade ago to play the piano and accompany the choir. I have worked with the children’s ministry, the youth ministry, possibly the college ministry, and, of course, the worship/music ministry in all manner of capacities.

I think of myself as the music ministry assistant, helping Worship Pastor with whatever he needs (and considering all that HE does, it’s even broader and more vague than you’re already thinking), although I think he now refers to me as the service production boss lady (or director, whatevs). Currently, what that means is that on Sunday mornings, you can find me (running around like a crazy person, but mostly) in the sound booth.

I like to think of the sound booth as a friendly place, and thanks to the foresight and planning of aforementioned Worship Pastor, it’s a nice place to hang out, too. If you pardon the un-southern-baptist-ness of this metaphor, it’s reminds me of a nice neighborhood bar – centrally located, a nice place to hang out, and mostly the same folks there every week, and we even have regulars. Sometimes we’re slammed and too busy to visit, and other times we’re just sittin’ around.

Some folks visit for a whole service (that’s our College Pastor, he’s a character that I think would not be completely offended by this use of literary device), while others just drop by to say hello when they have a moment or are on their way to somewhere else.

So, if you’re around, drop by and say hello. Remember that this is, in fact, a metaphor and what we have to offer in the booth regarding refreshment is limited. I mean, I always have a lot of sugarless gum…


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