weekend edition

If I ever doubt how privileged and blessed I am, I need only reflect on my favorite Saturday morning ritual: sleeping in, listening to Weekend Edition with Scott Simon, and drinking coffee (French press, of course). And I don’t need to remind anyone in this little college town that beginning next week, Saturday will also involve football games! What a life!

But as for THIS Saturday, following a pleasantly awkward phone meeting with Advisor yesterday, I now have significant amounts of work assigned to me with an actual deadline, in addition to another completely different project for which I’m supposed to be writing the lit review (it helps that I’m still awaiting two or three sources from ILL for that one, cf. deep need for procrastination).

It think it’s starting to feel like fall. Here’s to a productive Saturday!


2 thoughts on “weekend edition

  1. Oh, NPR. How you make me miss fall in Athens (not that I needed much inducement). I affirm your morning routine. It’s supposed to be 105 in Houston today, but in my heart it’s a crisp fall day with the marching band audible on Milledge…

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